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Everything you need for home/business video surveillance

Private Eye Security, Inc. accommodates many solutions to keep an eye on what goes on, in and around your home/business with our high quality, yet affordable camera systems. Up to 62 camera systems available with clear 1080p up to 4K quality.  We offer a complete, no hassle video monitoring.  Concerned about potential break-ins, vandalism or other property damage?  Our security cameras provide you the peace of mind.  Private Eye Security specializes in indoor/outdoor security cameras, night vision, and vandal proof.  Private Eye Security night vision cameras enable you to see and record the things that matter to you most, without you needing to be there.



Implementing Clear Night technology with Digital Noise Reduction improves video quality in low light conditions and recording efficiency up to 30%. Coupled with a 2.8-12mm manual zoom lens covering a 33° to 104° diagonal field of view, the indoor/outdoor security camera is capable of up to 30ft night vision range in complete darkness and 60ft night vision in the ambient lighting, so you can stay aware and be confident with Private Eye Security camera watching over your property.



High Definition video surveillance solutions

For many years, high-definition has been the gold standard in entertainment technology. It is now easier and more affordable than ever to have a custom surveillance solution that can go toe-to-toe with an HDTV. As leaders and innovators in the security industry, Private Eye Security is proud to present a range of powerful and affordable HD security solutions that leaves nothing to the imagination. View your world with the vigilance of a hawk through the watchful eye of Private Eye Security HD security solutions.


Video Surveillance has been a key strength from Private Eye Security Experts, providing residential and commercial customers with the capabilities of a virtual presence, view documented events and have the ability to correct occurrences. Bringing control and peace of mind, Private Eye Security deploys a broad range of industry-leading products and technologies.  We also carry products that allow Smartphone Remote Control, Wired and Wireless, Customized Alarm Systems and are available for Interior and Exterior usage.  


Our certified teams of professionals have the experience, insight, and vision to lead any organization to a safe, secure and managed environment; so you can concentrate on your business. We have deployed Video systems for organizations looking to improve operational efficiencies, gaining positive results, and can do the same for you.   As technology has evolved and costs have fallen dramatically, video surveillance is increasingly accessible to a large range of residential home and commercial businesses. Security and crime control concerns are the most common motivating factors for the deployment of video surveillance cameras and that’s why we are here. You can now manage visual information from virtually any place, anytime. Our professionals can help you choose from a broad range of video security cameras, surveillance equipment, and services working towards a customized solution.

A nice supplement to video surveillance is video analytics; it can take your internal information and reporting capabilities to the next level. Information is power and at Private Eye Security, we will help you have the most information when it comes to your security needs. From people counting and traffic intelligence to the analysis of activity by time of day and other variables, video analytics brings a higher level of intelligence to your business.

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