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from $19.99/Mo
Monitoring Services


No Contract to sign!


We are confident in our services and monitoring abilities.  Having said that, we are one of the few that can simply offer you an option of no contract security services.   We are here to provide you with optimum service, and peace of mind.  For that reason, our policy is not to trap you into a long term contract but provide you the freedom of canceling the services with us at any time, for any reason.  If we don’t perform as expected, then you can easily terminate the services.  If you are moving to another province, or into a location that you might not need the extra security, then you can cancel any time.  The options are limitless, and the choice is yours, with the full freedom to be monitored or not.  Simply have full control of your world in your hands. 


There are many different security systems available in the market. They all have the same capabilities, and more or less function the same way.  However, there is a wide range of quality between brands, which can define the difference between an investment and a headache.

When observing the professional standard there are few brands on the market. 


We only use products with a proven history, also we only install and service systems that will provide you the adequate security, with minimal breakdowns and problems, thus providing you the peace of mind with no headaches, and in return it allows us to properly monitor you with fewer complications, fewer costs, and more complete integrated security.


We do not use any fancy gimmicks or lead you to believe that the security system on its own will protect you, your family, and your property. It is the specialists at our 24/7/365 monitoring stations who will make the educated and precise decisions to ensure the complete safety and security you expect of us. We guarantee the services of our company. Private Eye Security's superior policies and experienced employees set a new standard in the market. We are very proud of our high standards and stand by them.




We are here to humbly let you know that nothing is free.  We can sugarcoat what we are offering you, and use fancy gimmicks to lure you into a contract,  but we would like to take another approach, to explain each step and its benefits along the way.

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